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REALLIFE is an online connection for South Asian women who are socially conscious to come together, to learn from each other, and support one another to help build a strong community together.

Dear DIDI presents REALLIFEtalks

A webseries talk show for GenI

Generation-Immigrant: living between two cultures. Honest talk about finding a balance.

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REALLIFE – Helping Women from South Asian Origin

“I am a life coach, born in Canada and raised by parents who immigrated from India, now married to a supportive Caucasian man. I am a work-from-home mom to a whole-wheat baby, devoted daughter and daughter-in-law, loyal sister, struggling step-mom, fiercely committed community activist working with South Asian non-profits. An overall compassionate, non-judgemental person who is just like you, trying to support those in the community to be the best they can be with as much advice and guidance I can provide.” Kulbinder

Whether you’re a single woman, married with no kids or a mom, you came to the right place. Kulbinder will help you deal with any REALLIFE issue. Connect with her here.


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Make a Difference!

What if you were meant to be more than a cliche? A stereotype? South Asian women have been classified as meek, submissive, to be seen but not heard, a trophy wife on the arm of their husband with the sole purpose of making them look good. Society has placed value on everyone – parents, husband, kids – but these women.

What if you wanted more? You want to be heard. But you’ve been taught to not have a voice. Opinion. Or say. When did it become okay to snip it down so the voice is but a whisper…. Each of us are unique. Looking for others like us, who are outsiders. To connect. To inspire. To encourage. To support. We aren’t alone in wanting this. You can still be your unique self and not be alone.

You can strive for your dreams, push the boundaries and be the person you were always meant to be… with REALLIFEwomen being your online connection of support.

There’s a group of women out there who are waiting. They are not quiet. Powerless. Easily manipulated. Seen and not hear. They are waiting to make a meaningful change for themselves and not be alone any more. Waiting to take action

I actually regret not looking at it (the manefesto) earlier…I have to tell you that when I read it, it was so powerful and I identified with every part so much that I broke down into tears…theses are the words I couldn’t express myself. WOW it’s perfect…


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